These General Terms and Conditions are valid and applicable only for clients to online store MB DESIGN BG, located .

"MB DESIGN BG" Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Seller) is an online store in the Republic of Bulgaria, offering a wide assortment of chairs, office chairs, home chairs,chairs for restaurants, folding tables and chairs, tables, bases for tables , table tops and many other accessories.

Current information about supported and offered services can be found on the website of the Seller -  and phones for information and orders: +359 2 442 4007

I. General

1. Terms of the Seller shall apply to all transactions between the seller and its customers - individuals and legal entities in relation to the Seller goods and services unless their application is not excluded expressly by written contract.

2. The General Conditions act from the earliest of: a) making an offer from Seller; b) application of a product / service by the Customer; c) the conclusion of an individual written contract that does not preclude the application of the General Conditions; d) the occurrence of any other relevant factor. For the avoidance of doubt it is considered that the Terms act no later than upon delivery of goods / services.

3. In the event that individual clauses of the General Conditions become fully or partially invalid, including in conflict with the mandatory provisions of the current legislation, the invalidity does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions or binding power. The parties will renegotiate with good will, the terms of any invalid clause, in case of not reaching any agreement, it will be replaced by right by the imperative legal norm.

II. Offers and orders

1. Offers from the Seller are valid until the expiration of the stipulated therein term. The conditions of the offers are confidential and refer only to the Client, for who are prepared. Any oral agreements, including those between customers and employees of the Seller have their proper force only after written confirmation by the Seller.

2. Order / client request becomes binding for the Seller only if:

2.1. It is made in writing form with indication for the goods on the web site or on the phones for information and orders : +359 2 442 4007

2.2. Is confirmed by Seller in writing form, by telephone or by a delivery according to the contract.


III. Delivery

Ordered products by the Client will be delivered to the given address from the courier company in the period as follows:

- All orders placed on or phone +359 2 442 4007 until 12:00 AM and on stock are delivered within the next working day to all regional cities.

- All orders placed after 12:00 AM and on stock are shipped within 2 working days for all regional cities.

- For all other cities orders available on stock are delivered within 5 working days after order confirmation.

- Some products on the website  have longer delivery time. Examples of such products are custom chairs or those imported from abroad. The description of these products contains information about specific delivery terms, in most cases the delivery time is within 15 days.

In case of changing the deadline for delivery of an order, the Customer will be notified in advance by phone or e-mail.

The delivery is FREE OF CHARGE and is delivered to the clients address.

The goods are in original and closed case/cartoon/folio given by the manufacturer.

Seller offers installation of all types of chairs on the site. If the client wishes installation, the value of construction costs is determined individually.

Seller can make partial deliveries or dispose of its obligation to supply, in case the stock of the goods is not sufficient in that case the customer will be informed in advance.

The risk of accidental damage / loss of the goods and the risk of any costs that might arise in connection with goods, including costs for their storage are transferred to the customer upon the moment of delivery of goods to customers. Shipment to the Client is certified with signed bilateral shipment or acceptance protocol.

The Customer undertakes to provide all possible assistance to the Seller in connection with the delivery, and also to inform him about any circumstances that may hinder the delivery.

Goods are delivered with quality and packaging, according to current requirements for the type of goods.

The Customer undertakes to use the goods in accordance with their purpose and observing just provided in the instructions. The use, treatment, processing / repair / by the Client is carried out on his own risk. Seller is not responsible for the compliance of the goods supplied to the purposes for which the customer intends to use them, nor for damages of any nature which may arise as a consequence of the processing / repair, that the Customer willfully has taken.

The Seller goods with a level of safety, according to current safety standards, operating instructions and any other written instructions given by the manufacturer of the commodity. Seller is not responsible for compliance by Customer of the applicable safety requirements and environmental standards.

Seller is not responsible for failure in a broad sense, caused by force majeure event (force majeure, accident or other circumstance beyond the control of the Seller). Under force majeure event, the Customer has no right to cancel / refuse acceptance of deliveries effected by the delay.

The customer has the right to give the seller a reasonable time for implementation, after which, in the absence of implementation, has the right to refuse delivery and / or terminate the contract by giving written notice with immediate effect.

Ownership of goods passes to the customer with the full payment of all amounts due from customers, in view of his relationship with the seller.

IV. Prices and Payment

The customer pays the Seller goods prices, in force at the date of sale or other prices, and prior written expressly agreed between the parties. Customer agrees that the seller can unilaterally change the advertised prices of the goods, the change takes effect immediately after the notification, which is considered to be performed by the announcement of new prices on the website of the Seller. Already confirmed orders for goods are paid at prices prevailing at the time of order confirmation.

The products from the online store for the seller can be paid in several ways, depending on customer preferences:

Cash on Delivery

In case of customer products are worth over 150 levs with VAT or delivery of 15 or more calendar days is required deposit by one of the other payment methods.

• Online payment with debit and credit cards (Virtual POS terminals)
When choosing an online payment by credit cards (Virtual POS terminals), the Customer can pay his order through your credit or debit card MasterCard, Maestro, Visa or Visa Electron. When choosing this payment method, the Customer will be redirected to the virtual terminal, where it is necessary to introduce the details of the card you want to pay. After payment, the customer will be transferred back to the vendor. The order will be executed upon receipt of confirmation from the virtual terminal.

• Bank transfer
When choosing this method customer can make a bank transfer to the account of the Seller. In carrying out orders, customers will receive a letter with the bank details of the seller. The order will be executed after receipt of the transfer.

• Purchase of lease
 Products may be purchased with a loan from Unicredit stock upon approval of the client. More information can be found here.


V. Returns

1. Reclamation:
Claims for loss or other obvious defects may be made upon receipt of the goods by the Customer. Otherwise, the goods are deemed accepted. In case of timely, accurate and reasonable claim for defects, the seller take the actions required under current legislation, the transport costs of returning the goods are borne by the Seller.

Claims for defects that had not been possible to establish the time of delivery may be brought within the terms of Bulgarian legislation. In case of claim, the Customer must report it orally or in writing on +359 2 442 4007 or, when filing a claim the customer must apply the documents on which based on the claim:

1. invoice
2. pictures
3. other documents establishing the non-compliance of goods with the contract. 

Following a complaint SELLER register and take the necessary action in accordance with existing legislation. If the Customer is not a claim against the seller in legal terms, it is considered approval of the goods.

For goods for which there is a commercial guarantee, claims shall be satisfied in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

2. Returns:

According to the Law on Consumer Protection client has the right, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to cancel the ordered product within 14 days from date of receipt. The only mandatory requirement in this case is that goods are original appearance, without broken package and without being used. In this case, delivery costs are borne by the Client. Failing these conditions Seller reserves the right not to accept returned goods, and thus not pay the costs incurred in their purchase by the customer.

After acceptance of returned goods on time and review their value is refundable in full no later than 14 days from the date on which the client has said returning the goods. Each Client is obliged to store received by the SELLER products, their quality and safety until their return to the Seller.

VI Refund Policy

1. REPLACING nonconforming product

The user has the right, pursuant to Art. 55, para 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection, to abandon the goods received within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of goods without compensation or penalty. In this case MB DESIGN BG Ltd. will reimburse the consumer amounts paid by him not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer has exercised his right to cancel goods, according to Art. 55, para. 6 of the Law on consumer protection.

User is obliged to keep Metaxakis received by Home office products, their quality and safety during the term of art. 55, para 1 of the Law on consumer protection. To be returned purchased products prerequisite is to be in an excellent presentation without being used without breaking the packaging. The products must comply with the form in which they are received by the user. Return and refusal not be products that do not meet these conditions.

In case of manufacturing defect, which was established after the receipt of the product, the customer returns it to the merchant's account and sent to another product as requested. In this case the transport costs are borne by the MB DESIGN BG LTD.

Upon returning the purchased goods upon request pursuant to Art. 55, para 1 of the Law on consumer protection, transport costs are borne by the customer.

If at the receiving of goods, it is broken or torn package due to improper transportation or missing, and the insurance claim will be upheld only in the presence of the courier. In this case, please immediately contact us or refuse to accept the goods. The claim shall be certified by a note in the bill of lading to the courier. A report, which described the findings status of the consignment and its packaging. If you accept the shipment on its own responsibility and not pursue their claims before the courier complaint may be considered invalid.

2. Reimbursement.

In situations of possible merchant to provide requested by the cardholder goods / services; refused commodity / service by the cardholder, etc., the trader recover fully or partly the amount of the transaction with a credit card transaction to the cardholder:

2.1.1. Full refund - self trader sends a direct request - structured message to initiate a financial transaction to acquirers and payment server BORIKA under "Technical requirements to the merchant site - Guide for implementation";

2.1.2. Partial refund - trader alone sends a direct request - structured message to initiate a financial transaction to acquirers and payment server BORIKA under "Technical requirements to the merchant site - Guide for implementation" by introducing an amount less than the amount of the original transaction.

VII Product Warranty

All products offered by Metaxakis have a guarantee under current legislation and commercial policy of the manufacturer.

Issued invoice serves for warranty prove.

The customer is obliged to keep all documents and packages related goods.

VIII. Responsibility

1. The seller is liable only for damages caused intentionally or by gross negligence in breach of an essential contractual obligation. Seller is liable only for direct damage of delivery. In case of late delivery, the seller's liability may not exceed 10% (ten percent) of the value of the supply, according to invoice.

2. Seller is not responsible for delayed acceptance or unjustified refusal of acceptance of goods by the Customer. In late acceptance and / or unfounded refusal to accept goods, the Customer is not released from its obligation to pay for the delivered goods. Client shall pay to Seller all costs arising from unreasonably withheld and / or delayed acceptance of goods, including but not exclusively the cost of their storage and transportation.

3. The customer may not set off its claims against the claims of the Seller, unless they are agreed in advance and in writing explicitly recognized by the Seller.

4. In the event of late payment the Customer shall pay to the Seller penalty of 0.5% (zero point five percent) of the value of the amount due for each day of delay to its final payment, unless the parties have agreed in writing together another penalty. This does not deprive the Seller the right to claim damages actually suffered over the amount of the penalty. The customer pays all costs associated with the judicial and / or extrajudicial debt recovery.Payments made in cash to the sellers' representatives have repayment effect only when the corresponding agent has explicit powers to obtain payments. In the event of late payment of amounts due by more than twenty (20) calendar days, the seller may terminate by giving written notice with immediate effect all preferential conditions in favor of the Customer, if agreed such, including discounts etc., as well as in its sole discretion to terminate the contract.

5. Seller may grant the Client to make requests and receive supplies without regard to timing of payments already issued invoices in any one period of time the amount of delivered but still unpaid goods from customer can not exceed expressly this amount, which the parties call each other and considered "commodity credit limit."

6. When exceeding the credit limit stock, the seller has the right to refuse or delay the implementation of the current request for a period decided by which the Customer must make payments on previous deliveries so as to fall within the commodity credit limit. Seller has the right to refuse or delay the implementation of the current request for a period decided by and where there is a delay in payment of deliveries already made, whether the stock reached the credit limit or not.

7. Users are informed that MB DESIGN BGnot an administrator of personal data under the Law on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Under the protection of personal data, the user has the right of access to their personal data provided and have become known to MB DESIGN BG Ltd. and repair of such personal data. Creating a custom site for this product users explicitly agree their personal data to be processed MB DESIGN BG Ltd. electronically for delivery of ordered goods and if necessary help from an employee of the company.

IX. other provisions

1. These Terms may be amended or supplemented unilaterally by the Seller as the changes are announced on the website of Seller- The date of entry into force of the change / supplement is specified explicitly, in case it is different from the date of publication on the website of the Seller.

2. The business conditions of the Customer do not apply to the Seller, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

3. In the areas covered by these general terms cases of termination, the termination is effective forward and not affect goods which have been accepted by the Customer before the date of receipt of the notice. 

4. Disputes shall be settled before the competent court in Sofia.

5. For all these General Terms and Conditions apply current Bulgarian legislation.